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Gaming Videos With Data & Analytics

What is PlayerQuant?

PlayerQuant is an AI tool for analyzing gaming content. On you can currently see how it automatically analyzes and shows stats of Fortnite videos from popular streamers on YouTube.

Can PlayerQuant analyze my videos?

If you have a YouTube channel with videos of your Fortnite matches you can get in touch and we can also analyze your videos. If you're interested in analysis of any other FPS video game content it's also possible. Let us know what you're interested in and we're happy to help (

Is PlayerQuant just for Fortnite?

No. PlayerQuant can also work with other competitive / FPS games. If you're interested in getting analytics for a different game, just let us know.

Is there a Chrome extension for PlayerQuant that integrates directly with YouTube?

It is currently in beta. If you'd like to try it out please email us at

Who is making this?

PlayerQuant is a startup. We're developing an AI-powered system that understands gaming content. We've also recieved funding from ESIF.